Healthcare professionals all over the globe will agree that a patient’s wellbeing while in their care will always be a top priority. In the medical industry, where patients can go from perfectly fine to flatline in a matter of moments, having top quality life support technology could be the difference between a life saved and a life lost. While ‘knock-off’ life support systems might be more economical than their brand-name counterparts, their effectiveness and reliability in the sphere of quality healthcare applications leaves a lot to be desired. Let’s take a look at why choosing quality life support technologies is beneficial for both medical professionals and patients alike…

Improved Diagnostic Capabilities

In order to effectively treat and monitor patients, a healthcare professional needs to know exactly what is going on regarding the vital bodily functions of their patients at all times. This is achieved by utilising professional life support equipment that is guaranteed to perform when you need it to – as well as guaranteed to monitor bodily functions accurately and in real time. When doctors decide to purchase cheaper life support technologies, especially those manufactured by companies that aren’t well known to the medical world, they are chancing misdiagnoses and inferior medical support to their patients. By opting for trusted medical equipment from trusted brands in the industry, medical professionals can guarantee their patients effective diagnoses and world-class medical care – all the time, every time.

Extended Battery Life

Doctors will agree that, when it comes to performing emergency medical actions to save a patient’s life, seconds really do matter. In South Africa, with rolling blackouts often becoming a common occurrence, the use of battery-powered life support equipment has increased – so that when the power goes out (and the generators give up) there are still functioning life support technologies keeping critical medical functions rolling on. Many inferior life support equipment manufacturers utilise cheaper battery technologies in order to cut costs, and while the machinery might function just fine when plugged in – their batteries often deplete soon after the lights go out. With well-known, trusted life support equipment from reputable manufacturers you can rest assured that your machinery will keep going when you most need it to.

Superior After-Sales Service

One big problem with purchasing less-trusted life support equipment is that the after-sales services is minimal (if at all) – you basically buy the device and are required to set it up yourself, using an instruction manual that probably wasn’t written by an English first language individual. You could receive training on the equipment, but you’ll more than likely have to pay for a plane ticket from China. By sourcing professional medical equipment from a representative of a trusted manufacturer, you get access to someone who knows the equipment inside and out. Your questions will be answered and you will have the option of getting your representative to set the life support equipment up where you need it – with step-by-step instructions that can be shown to nursing staff should they be required to operate the equipment.

Reputable Medical Equipment Suppliers in KwaZulu-Natal

GlenMed Professional Healthcare Solutions has been supplying the South African medical industry with reputable life support equipment for over 20 years. When you order medical equipment from GlenMed, you will receive two free training sessions where we encourage you and your team to participate in equipment set-up. We will train your staff compliment on operating your new medical equipment effectively – ensuring that you are able to utilise the equipment to its full potential. Should you require a quotation on professional healthcare equipment, feel free to get in touch with us today!