According to researchers, the greatest obstacle to affordable point-of-care ultrasound solutions is a lack of efficient, accessible and affordable training solutions. Philips is working to fill this gap between new ultrasound technologies and educational tools with smart apps for phones and tablets. We take a look at what Philips Ultrasound POC Education Apple App offers health care providers…

What is POC Ultrasound?

Point-of-contact ultrasound covers the use of portable ultrasonography equipment at a patient’s bedside in hospital for examinations, therapeutic purposes and diagnostics. Ultrasound technology is advancing in leaps and bounds, and portable ultrasounds with high quality imaging abilities are transforming hospital efficiency and diagnostics.

Why Do We Need POC Ultrasound?

Harvard professor and MD Jason Birnholz suggests that hospitals need to get on board with smaller smarter ultrasound devices. This is so they can focus on “efficiency and…delivering [their] imaging service in a way that respects the needs of the patients [they] serve”. The developments in ultrasound equipment allow doctors to treat or diagnose patients at point-of-care and this is essential because point-of-care is where doctors treat patients, and that is now anywhere.

Improving Point-Of-Contact Ultrasound Education

Point-of-care ultrasound devices have the potential to improve procedure efficiency and decrease the number of patient complications. They help hospitals save money, allow doctors to treat patients in a variety of locations and provide valuable training tools for residents. The Philips Ultrasound App was developed to help health practitioners adapt to the new technology and learn how to use it in different scenarios.
The innovative app offers users the ability to access informative and easy-to-follow training modules at their own convenience or on-the-go. It must be noted that this app and the tutorials offered cannot replace official training or education, but it is rather designed to enhance learning and build-on what has already been learned.

How Does The App Work?

Philips goal is to provide education anytime, anywhere and the iPad app is a novel means of achieving this. Each tutorial is hosted by a health practitioner or physician who is an expert in their field. The tutorials can be viewed on a computer, a tablet or a smartphone and are interactive not just theoretical, which makes it ideal as a training tool. It has received a 4-and-a-half-star rating after its launch and Philips is adapting it per feedback to improve its usability. The tutorials include modules on emergency and critical care ultrasound and regional anaesthesia and pain medication treatment.

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