Blood transfusions, tests, surgery, donation, cancer treatment – these are only a few of the many procedures which make finding veins and inserting needles into people necessary. Discover how Vivolight is quietly revolutionising the way we find veins and inject patients more effectively…

Finding Veins

Methods for identifying a vein for intravenous injections and testing have remained fairly unsophisticated – a tourniquet is applied to the upper arm; the patient kneads a soft object to gently pump the veins and a health practitioner palpates the arm and looks for a soft viable vein. While many nurses have this procedure down to a fine art, searching for veins can be time consuming and misses do happen.

Vivolight: How It Works

The Vivolight Projection Vein Finder is a piece of equipment that helps health practitioners locate veins easily. The vein projection technology uses safe non-invasive infra-red light to project a processed image of the patient’s veins onto the back of their hand.  The Vivolight Vein Finder works because human haemoglobin found in blood has a higher absorption of infrared light than surrounding tissue and muscle. This allows up to 80% of invisible veins to be projected as shadows which distinguishes them. The device also shows at what depth hidden veins are lying at giving nurses all the information they need to complete the procedure.

Addressing Needle Phobia

Tests by different Red Cross groups have found that the method is safe and more importantly it reduces anxiety among donors, patients and children, making the injection process more comfortable and less daunting. It also saves doctors and nurses crucial time in trauma situations where every action and response needs to be stream-lined, efficient and quick.
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