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Respironics NM3

Respironics NM3

Simple answers to complex questions

Mechanically ventilated patients are constantly challenging clinicians with complex questions regarding their current respiratory status and the adequacy of ventilatory support. The Respironics NM3 monitors physiologic gas exchange, deadspace, and alveolar tidal volume, as well as a host of accessory parameters. This valuable insight helps you answer the toughest clinical questions, throughout the continuum of care. You can minimize the duration of mechanical ventilation and optimize the potential for successful extubation when managing critically ill patients with confidence because at every stage of care the NM3 monitors the patient’s response to ventilation.


Key advantages 
  • True mainstream or sidestream CO2 monitoring for intubated and non-intubated patients
  • Portable and adaptable monitoring, on and off all conventional ventilators
  • Direct interface with the V200 ventilator to expand data collection and display

Key applications  

  • Confirm proper endotracheal tube placement
  • Determine true alveolar tidal volume, independent of dead space
  • Determine the effects of ventilator changes before the first ABG is drawn
  • Monitor appropriate PEEP levels, alveolar recruitment, and pulmonary perfusion
  • Obtain non-invasive cardiac output measurements
  • Assess readiness for weaning and extubation
  • Monitor patients post-extubation and under conscious sedation